Monday, January 16, 2012

Some Types of Alcohol Addicts

Some Types of Alcohol Addicts - It is considered that a person is an alcoholic when you lose the freedom to refrain from consuming alcohol. So alcohol is addictive disease in which patients can not control alcohol consumption in most cases it is excessive and prolonged consumption.

Treatment of alcohol withdrawal does not last more than 15 to 20 days, for the physical side is concerned, but is the slowest part psychic to restore the patient.

There are different Types of Alcohol Addicts
  1. Daily alcohol. That is the one who needs to eat every day to function throughout the day.
  2. The intermittent alcoholic. That is one that has a need to drink alcohol from time to time, but has acquired dependence.
  3. The weekend alcoholic. Very common nowadays, especially in young people, and their only intention when they go out on weekends to consume alcohol.

Therefore it should be clear that alcoholism is a disease recognized by the WHO (World Health Organization), although in some communities, we only consider the state as such.

Implications for families
The consequences of having a family in which one person was an alcoholic, quite contrary. The children, if they are in an age where they realize the problem, one of the first steps they take patients either because there may be both physical and verbal aggression or lack of affection and dialogue between the patient and her children.

In most cases even tend to feel embarrassed, especially when they are in society (with friends). Also in many cases afraid to events that occur at home when my father came home drunk. In the couple lived with alcoholic patients often angry / a psychic and making / in a hospital / a codependent.

Some Types of Alcohol Addicts
Families as children often feel it first before a patient is rejected, it also creates a state of hostility and conflict environment, where each family member acting on his behalf without regard to others, especially with alcohol, which only worry about having enough money to keep drinking. Many problems occur, emotional, etc. The economic, social, ..

But there are all these problems we have discussed, spouses of alcoholics tend to encourage them and support them to go to medical services and for this or other associations in 80% of cases. Some Types of Alcohol Addicts


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