Friday, January 13, 2012

What Caused our Rehabilitation Causes

What Caused our Rehabilitation Causes, There are few among us who came to be left alone, others lost their family, jobs and self-respect. Some have been in the lost cities of many places, some have been hospitalized or jailed countless times. There are also those who have never been hospitalized or imprisoned, or have lost family or work because of drinking, but we finally arrived at the point where we realized that alcohol is interfering what is a normal way of living.

To us it joins a common problem: alcohol.
As we meet, talk and help us, together, alcoholics are capable of, oddly enough, to stay sober and lose the compulsion to drink, which was once dominant.

We realized that in this difficult path, strength of will, was very effective, in other respects, it was not to remain without drinking. Since we have tried total abstinence during certain periods, we have made solemn promises, oaths, changed the brand of drinks, we tried to drink only at certain times but nothing worked, eventually ended up getting drunk when they just wanted to help, but also stop drinking.

All this leads to ultimate despair, we were confident in our brain that something was wrong, we hate, to despise the talents that were gifted and were causing difficulties for our families. We gave free rein to self-pity and we proclaimed that nothing could help.
What Caused our Rehabilitation Causes
First we had to admit we were powerless over alcohol, as some would reject the step of admitting that we were alcoholics and others we accepted in part.

When we got to Alcoholics Anonymous were told that there was no strict rules to determine the alcohol, but we learned that there were some telltale symptoms, such as drunk when we had every reason to remain without water, they had worsened grogresivamente our drinking, enjoying themselves and not as we did before.

In AAA No one is required to any ritual or pattern of life forms, no fees are paid or fees of any kind, the costs of the facilities, coffee, soda and literature are solved by passing the "hat".
What Caused our Rehabilitation Causes
We were powerless over addiction and our lives were unmanageable. Although we were not responsible for our disease, we were responsible for our recovery. We could not keep blaming our addition to the other, places or things. We must face our problems and our feelings. Therefore we seek help, to end all this.


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